Travelling? Check the latest travel warnings.

A new virus has been detected in China and it is believed to have started in Wuhan City in Hubei Province. It is thought to have started from exposure to animals at the live animal market in Wuhan but is now spreading by human to human contact. To keep informed about travel warnings, check the website .

What about travel vaccinations?

Goonellabah Medical Centre (GMC) can meet your travel vaccination requirements and is a fully accredited centre for Yellow Fever vaccination. An assessment of your travel vaccination needs can be done based on your personal travel itinerary. A timeline can be made and vaccinations can be commenced at the time of your consultation, if required. Any questions or advice about your possible health needs can be discussed and an action plan developed. Some private health funds cover for vaccination costs but this will depend on your health fund and type of cover you have chosen. It is best for you to inquire with your health fund directly to establish your eligibility for claims.

How often are travel vaccinations needed?

There is a list of vaccines for travel , including some of the more common vaccines which are used routinely in Australia. Vaccines are effective for different periods of time. Thinking ahead for your travel and consulting with your doctor will help you work out what vaccines you need each time you travel.