The Goonellabah Medical Centre is running its own telehealth service during the Covid-19 crisis. We are trialing the following software with Dr Guest's patients.

Patients can book a telehealth consultation by phoning GMC reception for an appointment time. They will be asked to confirm their email address and telephone numbers. If the doctor feels that a teleconsultation is indicated, staff will SMS or email the connection details before the time of consultation. 

Connection is easiest on a laptop and apart from a modern browser (viz. Chrome or Firefox) no additional software needs to be installed. Those connecting from a desktop need a working video and and microphone. 

Patients can also use their mobile phones and tablets by downloading the Jitsi Meet software. 

Mobile Phone Settings for the GMC Server

Patients using mobile devices will need to set the connection for the Conference | Server URL to as shown.

This short Youtube video outlines the basics.

Note: Patients can connect to the GMC telehealth service prior to the appointment time but will not get full access until the doctor starts the meeting. During the trial phase Dr Guest will SMS if he is significantly delayed. 

Testing Your Connection

The GMC runs Jitsi Meet as it telehealth platform. Patients wishing to test their connections prior to the consultation can connect to the main Jitsi servers.