The Goonellabah Medical Centre prefers to receive patient data in electronic format. This allows us to deliver better care and avoids the delays and errors of older technologies such as letters and faxes.

Secure Message Delivery

Patient reports can be sent to the Goonellabah Medical Centre securely via the Secure Message Delivery companies Healthlink and Medical Objects. An article on SMD and Healthlink can be found at GPSpeak


Local allied health providers can register with the Northern Rivers Medical Exchange to send reports via secure email. This is a free service for allied health and local pharmacies. 


Clinical data can also be sent securely to us via Protonmail to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Protonmail users can send data securely from a Protonmail account.. Data can also be sent securely from non-Protonmail accounts by prior agreement. This article gives an overview of the Protonmail service.

Patient File Transfer

General practices that can export their patient data in XML format (Best Practice and Medical Director) can use our upload facility as below. The XML data can alternatively be sent via Protonmail.

The GMC can also send large files to other practices via Protonmail or NRMX when a patient moves out of the area.  A brief outline for expotting and importing patient data in Best Practice follows. 

Exporting Patient Data in XML Format

Best Practice software permits the export of data in either XML or HTML format. If XML formatted data is chosen it can be directly imported into Best Practice. 

Export Data

With a patient's file click File | Export patient (Control + F2)


Select XML format and choose at least the default of Allergies, Current Medications, Past History and Immunisations. The Goonellabah Medical Centre also recommends Family and Social History, Investigations, Correspondence In and EPC reports. 

Choosing the entire record is acceptable but may result in large amounts of data. This may also occur with large amounts of Correspondence in and Investigations and these may need to be deslected. 

Medical Director Export 

Medical Director can also export its data in XML format and this too can be imported by Best Practice. 

Uploading to the GMC 

See our File Uploads HowTo for sending your XML data to the Goonellabah Medical Centre.


Importing Patient XML Data 

Best Practice has a patient import/export facility. You will usually only need the Import Single Patient tool. 

Note: Make sure your patient is not already registered in the database as an inactive patient or with a variation in some of the demographic details.