The National Shingles Vaccination Program will commence on 1 November 2016. Patients are vaccinated aged 70 but the program starts with a catch up for those aged 71-79. 

Patients aged 80 and over are ineligible for the vaccine so we are targeting those aged 79 for the first few months. 

The new vaccine, Zostavax, is a live vaccine and contraindicated if you have a condition or medication that reduces your immunity. 


Goonellabah Medical Centre offers free Wifi in our waiting rooms. Search for 'gmcfreewifi '

We would love you to turn the sound of your phones down but we don't mind you turning your ipad and laptops on!



The professional and community work undertaken by Northern Rivers GP Andrew Binns has been recognized by the North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN) in its inaugural North Coast Primary Health Care Excellence Awards.


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Many dialects are spoken within the Bundjalung Nation whose boundaries encompass the Northern Rivers and beyond. However, art is an increasingly common language and this bond was further consolidated by an important exhibition of Indigenous works staged at Lismore City Hall in mid-May.

The Ngarakbal Githabal Dialect Exhibition marked the culmination of a three-year Bundjalung project developed by Arts Northern Rivers. The aim was to reconnect artists with early mark making techniques to inspire a new Aboriginal art movement based on original cultural designs.

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by Marianne Trent

From the start of 2016 the Federal Government introduced a new policy - controversial in some places, notably the NSW North Coast - called “No Jab No Pay”. 

This policy means that parents who have children who are not age appropriately vaccinated, who do not have a medical reason for not having vaccines, or are not on a catch-up schedule will now have their eligibility for some of their Commonwealth funded benefits cut.

The payments that may be affected include -

  •   Child care benefit
  •   Child care rebate
  •   Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement

So-called ‘conscientious objection’ to vaccination is no longer deemed an acceptable exemption from vaccination.

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