Our mission statement

Our mission is to provide our patients with the best possible care using the most up-to-date and
proven treatment methods, materials and equipment.

We believe disease prevention is at least as important as treating actual disease.

This philosophy is best achieved in a working environment where we recognise the patient as being at the centre and the focus of our work.

We use rigorous scientific medical training and apply the evidence appropriately in guiding patient choices about their health.

We work in an ethical and responsible manner, with teamwork and mutual respect for each other's abilities and roles.

For those doctors who have admitting privileges to St Vincents Hospital, the doctors will be available to visit their patients in the hospital daily on week days. Weekend visiting will be covered by the doctor on call.

Patients in nursing homes and hostels will be visited at least monthly and more often if required.

Home visits are available to regular long term patients of this practice if they are unable to come to the surgery. Home visits will usually be done during the doctors lunch period or at the completion of the doctor's session