"Art for wellbeing on surgery walls"

 How can we make our surgeries a bit more humane, warm and friendly? Whilst health promotion posters are good in moderation, too many can be overwhelming - even scary.

painting by artist Francis Belle Parker

painting by artist Francis Belle Parker

So what about using all the white space on our walls to hang some meaningful fine art that engages our patients and puts them at ease emotionally? 

This concept has been introduced at the Goonellabah Medical Centre where a range of artists have been engaged to produce art that is conducive to a feeling of well being - there can be humour or a wide range of other human emotions expressed in the art. Dark and depressing themes have been avoided but we like to surprise, amuse and entice people to react to art. They don't always have to like the art and the art caters for many different tastes.

by Andrew Binns

Some works are abstract with contemporary themes and some have been done by Aboriginal artists, which can help gain rapport with Aboriginal patients.Many of the works are in the waiting rooms or corridors, but they are also hung in the treatment areas to break down the sterile and clinical feel and to appeal to children.  So far we have used many local artists, including Angela Bettess, Fergus and Jeni Binns, Laila Bell-Steele, Sashi Victoire and Gordon Syron. Jeni Binns does the art curatorship and her hanging skills are vitally important for presentation standards.Some of the paintings are privately owned, some on consignment and some are leased or rented.
It's not only the patients who love the art - it also does wonders for staff morale and it seems to lift the spirit of the whole place and gives the surgery a human touch. In this harsh, materialistic, technological world, it is great to observe the positive impact of art for well being.

 painting by Angela Bettess

painting by artist Angela Bettess

Many other practices have gone down this track of having art on their walls, but if advice is needed on choice of art, hanging mechanisms, access to artists, contact either Jeni Binns (work 6621 2444) or Angela Bettess (mobile 0401 955 432).

The Talking Stick - artwork by Todd Baker