Teaching at GMC

The principal doctors at GMC have a strong commitment to teaching and mentoring junior doctors. This is because we need a sustainable GP workforce in the future. The current shortage of GPs, particularly in rural areas, is well known. The prospects for attracting new doctors over the next few years should improve as the number of medical graduates coming through the system increases.

We have had medical students learning here for a long time. For the last 20 years we have also had registrars. Registrars are fully qualified doctors, who have completed their university studies and also at least 2 years working in hospitals. They spend 6-12 months with us fine tuning their general practice skills.

You will often see either a medical student, or GP registrar working alongside your GP at GMC. You may be asked to have one of these doctors present during a consultation. Sometimes the medical student will see a patient first- before the GP.

This only happens with your consent. If you would rather not have a trainee present during the consultation it is your choice, and you can ask to be seen alone with just your own GP. Although we encourage your involvement with the teaching process we fully understand that there may be times when you would rather a consultation just with your GP.

Our experience is that having a young doctor in training present is generally well received. GMC is an accredited training practice through GP Synergy.