Flu vaccinations

New flu vaccinations are produced every year. Usually these vaccinations become available around March-May each year. Contact us at GMC to find out about current availability.
Free vaccination available for high risk groups. Changes to the program include flu vaccines for children and a special high dose formulation for those aged over 65.


Consultations with one of our doctors can be made by contacting our friendly reception staff. At GMC, we do our best to provide a time with the doctor of your choice. Standard consultations are the most common and are based on time required for the complexity  of the problem(s). If you have a list of problems to discuss, you may need to allocate time for a longer consultation.

Care plans

Care plans are indicated with complex and chronic conditions. Often our nurses and medical student will be involved in assisting your doctor to collect data and help develop your care plan. Care plans may involve other allied health professionals, depending on your chronic problems. Examples are a diabetes educator, an exercise physiologist and a psychologist. Mental health care plans are also available and advice can be given by speaking to your doctor.

Health Assessments

Health assessments allow our nurses and/or medical student to gather information about your general health. The information is documented in your medical file for your doctor to review and access. Three current health assessments which are used at GMC are 1) indigenous 2) age 45-49 health check and 3) age greater than 75 years. To inquire about health assessments, speak to your doctor at your next routine appointment. (Image: medical student Lisa Miles)

Lisa Miles

Special Medicals

Pre-employment and other special medicals are available at GMC.

Our friendly nursing staff can complete your paperwork for pre-employment and other special medicals including eye checks and urine testing.

These medicals will also need an appointment with the nurses and can be organised with our reception staff.


SMAs are shared medical appointments. These appointments allow patients with chronic illnesses to get together with other similar patients, the doctor, a facilitator and a person to document information. These appointments are not regular appointments and last more than one hour. If you have an enquiry about these appointments then please discuss with your doctor.

Minor surgery

GMC has two fully equipped operating theatres which are used for minor surgical procedures. Rules and regulations for sterile procedures are followed strictly. Our doctors undertake minor surgery for biopsies/removal of skin lesions, insertion of contraceptive devices and other sterile procedures.

operating theatre

Skin checks

skin lesion

Skin checks are important to detect early changes in skin lesions, especially in Australia. All of our doctors are able to provide skin checks. Some of our doctors have special interests in dermatology: diagnosis and management. Dr Ruth Tinker has years of surgical assistance experience and regularly performs minor surgery. Dr Charlie Hew completed special qualifications in dermatology and has a special interest in skin disorders and their management, including minor surgical procedures. Dr Hew is currently studying his Masters in Skin Cancer and Surgery; he uses Visiomed MicroDerm D120 equipment (link to Visiomed site) and software.

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine defines an approach to life choices in order to improve health outcomes. Lifestyle Medicine often crosses into other health arenas such as diabetes, exercise, management of hypertension and blood fats, obesity and other disorders. There is frequently a degrees of overlap of conditions which can have a cumulative effect on body functions. Dr Andrew Binns has been involved in lifestyle medicine  in conjunction with other health specialists. He is the co-author of the informative publication "Lifestyle Medicine - Managing diseases of lifestyle in the 21st century 2nd edition by Garry Egger, Andrew Binns and Stephan Rossner.


Women's health

Women's health is an important specialisation within general practice. Many women prefer to have a consultation with a female doctor for women's health issues. At GMC, we have a number of female doctors available. Our male doctors are also available and Dr Binns has much experience in the insertion and removal of intrauterine devices.

In addition, registered nurse Caitlin McCarter is a qualified pap smear nurse and she runs a weekly clinic. To make an appointment contact our reception staff.

Men's health

As with women's health, men's health is an important speciality in general practice. Again, some men prefer to visit a male doctor for these issues. The decision to consult with a particular doctor is entirely individual. There are the conditions of male organs such as the prostrate but also issues of depression and anxiety in men are often underlying but significant problems for men.